Dry Tool Sharpening Wheels

They are low-concentration diamond and CBN wheels, especially used in manual sharpening and grinding machines where cooling fluid is not used.





Cnc Tool Sharpening Wheels

They are high-concentration diamond and CBN wheels used in CNC tool sharpening and grinding machines that use oil and emulsion as cooling fluid.





Cutting Wheels

Diamond and CBN wheels used for cutting carbide and hardened steels.






Cylindrical & Surface Grinding Wheels

Cylindrical and surface grinding operations. oil-emulsion or can be used as dry diamond and CBN wheels.






Internal Grinding Wheels

Soft and hard steels, carbide materials used in hole grinding operations resin and vitrified binder diamond and CBN wheels.






Wooden Tool Sharpening Wheels

Grinding tools used in wood and MDF processing, inner surface, side surface and top grinding processes of TCT saw blades used for profile grinding processes, dry and wet working diamond and CBN wheels.





Diamond & CBN Pastes

It is a special pastes, containing diamond and CBN abrasive grains used for polishing after finishing operations of carbide and steel materials.