Dry Tool Sharpening


CBN wheels are used for grinding of the parts made of steel and alloy with hardness HRC>50, wear-resistant coatings. High-porous wheels prevent heat-sensitive materials (high-alloy steels, high-temperature alloys, stainless steels and iron) from being burned or cracked. Honing sticks are used in finishing and superfinishing of high-precision steel parts.

You can see the diamond tool sharpening stone models suitable for use in dry process.

1A1R      1V1       11V9    12V9      12A2/20º      12A2/45º      12R4

12V2/20º       12V2/45º       12V5/45º        1E1       14E1      1F1

 14F1        4A2       4BT9        4R4       6A2       6AA9